Extreme Fashion and Surf Culture

Riley KantorFashion and Surf Culture

Surfing has been part of American culture for over fifty years, which is an amazing feat for a sport that by its very nature is only for those in coastal regions. Some could argue that extreme sports culture evolved from surfer culture. After all, most of the “board” sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding evolved from surfing when people wanted to find ways to surf on land. Along with surfing itself, surf culture clothing and surf apparel have also always been popular even with those who almost never go to the beach.

The popularity of this style of clothing and surf apparel is not unlike the popularity of other kinds of sportswear. Clothing such as baseball caps, sneakers and even jerseys have been worn as casual clothing by non-athletes for years, so it stands to reason that boardshorts and other surfing-inspired apparel are worn by non-surfers on and off the beach in the summer.

It can be tough to determine exactly what qualifies as surf culture clothing aside from the most obvious surf apparel. Some people might include typical summer wear such as sandals or brightly-colored t-shirts in the mix, while others might only consider shorts and wetsuits as proper surfer apparel. For now, let’s just take a look at some of the more common types of this apparel.


Boardshorts are shorts made from lightweight, quick-drying material such as polyester or nylon. As one could guess, they were originally designed as swimwear and became popular with surfers. They tend to be longer than other shorts, and they often have a baggy appearance. They originally became popular as surf culture clothing, but they’ve moved beyond being just surf apparel and are now worn as typical summer wear.


Wetsuits have become closely associated with professional surfers. These are thin, lightweight, skintight bodysuits that provide insulation and buoyancy as well as some protection from abrasion. They were first developed in the 1950s, and although they didn’t immediately catch on the more modern suits have become a major part of surf culture clothing.

Other Surf Culture Clothing

Surf culture clothing and surf apparel might also refer to any clothing inspired by surf culture. Surfing has always been associated with a fun, laid-back attitude, which can be seen in brand-name clothes that have been closely associated with surfing and other water sports. Bright colors and baggy shorts have always been a part of the surfer style, as have bikinis and other beach wear. Even outfits based on wetsuit designs have become popular. Like most sportswear, these fit perfectly into the casual style of dress that is so popular in the United States. The culture is part of the reason why shorts are so popular during the summer, even in places that are nowhere near a beach. There has always been something fun and innocent in surf culture, and even those who have never been on a board in their lives can see it. Surf culture and the clothing associated with it have been popular for years, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Meet One of FrithCo’s Spotlight Athletes: Barry Nobles

Barry NoblesBarry Nobles started BMX racing when he was just three years old, but had to take a few years off when his local track shut down. He then started back racing about an hour away, staying with his aunt in Pelham, Alabama. Having great support from his parents helped kick-start his career and his mother even took over a the track operator at Pelham BMX.

Barry won his first 17+ World Championship in his 17th year, realizing that the sport had just become much more than a passing childhood hobby and decided to go professional. He then started working with a local pro, John Andrews, to help realize his potential.

Residing in Menifee, California, he travels the world to race BMX. He even met his his girlfriend, Austrailian BMX champ Caroline Buchannan, during his first international BMX competition in 2009. Keep your eyes tuned for more great things to come from FrithCo Extreme Athlete, Barry Nobles.

Date of Birth: December 2, 1986
Height: 5’6″/1.68m
Weight: 175 lbs./79kg./12.7st.
Place of Birth:  Montgomery, Alabama
Hometown: Wetumpka, Alabama
Residence: Menifee, California
Team/Sponsors: DK Bicycles, Maxxis Tires, Fly Racing, Odi Grips
Website: www.barrynobles.com

Career Highlights
4th place – 2012 UCI Supercross BMX World Cup #1 – Chula Vista, California
5th place – 2012 USA Cycling BMX National Championships, Chula Vista, California
17th place – 2012 UCI BMX World Championships, Birmingham, United Kingdom
16th place – 2011 UCI BMX World Championships, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 ABA #1 Pro Cruiser

Sporting BMX Athletic Clothing

Choosing the right BMX athletic clothing is not only about style but also about comfort, performance, and safety. As a sport, BMX can be quite risky. It is essential to wear the right BMX athletic clothing to protect athletes and the outfit must be complete with comfortable outerwear and trustworthy protective gear.

When entering a competition, wearing the proper protective gear is not a choice left to the rider. Many contests make it mandatory and any rider that does not follow the restrictions of wearing the correct protective gear may even be disqualified from competition. That’s why it is necessary to find the right BMX apparel.

Long pants made of denim or any other tear-resistant fabric is a must for the type of BMX apparel to be worn during a competition. Despite any weather conditions, no one is allowed to wear short pants. However, BMX athletic clothing may include the rider to wear loose pants but these should be tied around the ankles in order to prevent them from getting caught in the chain or pose any problem to the rider while in action. Shoes are important too and the athlete should wear shoes that have soft soles that allow a firm grip on the pedals of the bike with ease.

While falling is common in a BMX sports event, it is highly recommended that the riders wear a complete set of knee and elbow pads throughout the competition. These offer extra padding that provides additional protection to the body parts that the athlete could fall on if hitting the riding surface. These knee, elbow, and shin pads are made of hard plastic and have a foam lining. These types of BMX athletic clothing are lightweight yet solid. Velcro or elastic used to fasten these pads to the body of the rider will ensure full flexibility. Socks also are an important part of BMX apparel and an athlete should wear them.

An important part of being a BMX rider is that a person is allowed a firm handlebar grip. There are arrays of options of BMX athletic clothing that can ensure this. Gloves are made of stretchable material and not only offer a little extra comfort to the rider in a super-strenuous ride, but also provide an extra layer of protection in case of a fall. This particular BMX apparel has tough padding on the palms of the gloves and ensures that the handles of the bike never slip away.

The BMX upper body armor protects the upper part of the body of a rider. Through technological innovations, this BMX athletic clothing is not only lightweight, but is also comfortable and available in a large variety from some of the top brands. Although every aspect of BMX apparel is important and indispensable, nothing can compare with the importance of a good helmet. A helmet is important at all times when riding a bike and competing in BMX sports.

There are several choices for BMX athletic clothing and many reputable brands guarantee the best quality. It is better to have the protection in case of falls than to ever risk an injury than to wear the wrong BMX apparel.

Beach Charcoal

All About Action Sports High Fashion

Action sports high fashion draws its inspiration from skating, surfing, cycling, and such other sports that stand for high energy and vigorous outdoor activity. Taking cue from the popularity of these sports it is only natural that such extreme sports fashion would be in high demand. While designs for the actual sportswear have to achieve the precarious balance between utility and style, it is more about the lifestyle when the same is conceived for the crowd that loves to emulate the lifestyle that is so intrinsically linked with such sports.

It is often thought that high fashion comes with high price. But that is now history. Tough competition and market demand is driving more and more action sports high fashion brands to come up with awesome collections at an affordable price. However, what binds the different extreme sports brands together and run across them as a connecting thread is their umbrella theme that dominates all their creations. This is because at the end of the day action sports high fashion is all about winning the hearts of all those people who are fun-loving, who crave for action, and are vibrant in their approach to life.

There is always an explosion of energy and creativity in the apparel of the action sports high fashion brand. Each of the items of these extreme sports fashion blends within itself all that is latest in the realm of style and is appropriate for high energy physical activities. In other words, everything that keeps the passion for the outdoors alive but not at the cost of style.

Splashy colors and lively prints are common themes in the action sport high fashion market. But then evolution is always underway. Many brands make transitioning from the day look to the night look easy with just a few add-on accessories. More than anything else the beach, the skate, the love for the outdoors never leave any of the action sport high fashion items any time.

Many of these action sports high fashion brands are endorsed by sportsmen from related fields. Many a time celebrities such as rap music stars are seen sporting these extreme sports fashion apparel. And it is also not uncommon for many such local brands being founded by action sports enthusiasts. But the question is, how does one know what is in? The solution is simple.

Like the fashion industry itself, action sports high fashion clothing keeps evolving. Because within the set perimeter, creativity and experimentation are always working their way. It is a good idea to keep the eye open and also spend some time in front of the television. However, the easiest way to stay in vogue is to walk in to any of the extreme sports fashion apparel showroom.

Alternately, shunning the outside world for once and spending a few hours in the virtual world also helps. The availability of best quality action sports high fashion clothes online is one big advantage. The creators have done their research and all that is needed is just pressing a few keys and clicking away!

How to Buy the Best BMX Apparel

Many extreme sports professionals follow a particular dress code but what happens when someone pursues something out of sheer passion? Is a certain extreme fashion dress code expected from them as well? The extreme sport in question is BMX. Like all other sports this too has its own genre of BMX apparel. With its never fading popularity, thankfully there is no dearth of choice when it comes to this high adrenaline action sportswear with many designers and brands to choose from.

The main challenge while choosing the right kind of BMX apparel is twofold. While on one hand nobody wants to look like just another one out there and blend in with the crowd, it is equally true that the selected action sportswear should never stick out too much like a sore thumb.

The trick is to be a part of the event and yet stand out with a unique style statement. The good news however the job is far less complex than it sounds. The availability of a number of brands that is high on fashion but low on cost make finding the right BMX apparel child’s play.

When it comes to BMX apparel, it may be a good idea to go for a signature color and look. That is perhaps the easiest and the best way to assert one’s identity without losing the individual appeal. Because going with fashion is cool but creating one’s own style is even cooler. The various fashionable action sportswear brands can act as a savior there as well.

From hoodies and shirts to jeans and shorts, from shoes and socks to wallets and hats, these brands have it all. In fact, so varied are the available options that making up one’s mind on one particular product might even be puzzling at times. So be it skinny jeans and tight t-shirts for the dirty roads or the baggy tops and trousers for the neighborhood streets, these brands have got them all!

However, style alone cannot make BMX apparel appealing. Neither can it be the sole guiding factor while purchasing action sportswear. The comfort of a BMX apparel is just as important as style, if not more. Only clothes that fit properly and have the right kind of fabric can be trusted to guarantee that perfect wear that a cyclist can absolutely love. After all, who wants to be tied to an uncomfortable outfit especially when taming the dirt jumps?

The various action sportswear brands operating online make buying the right BMX apparel easier. Most of them have a huge collection of the choicest brands, prompt service, and efficient customer care. Plus there are also a few that offer such added advantages as free shipping and delivery within one single day!

Also, these online stores often run promotional offers in order to grab the attention of potential customers and claim their share in a competitive market. All these make shopping online not only hassle-free but convenient and lucrative as well. Certainly something that can be given a try before hitting the road!

Launch of New Lifestyle Apparel Brand – FrithCo

Script Vintage RedFrith: Frith is an Old English word that means Peace and Freedom; but means so much more. It has been described as a combination of loyalty, honor, hospitality, and support. It is the obligation to ones community, friends, and family to consider their welfare in your actions, and not to set out to harm them.

FrithCo. is an extreme sports lifestyle brand targeting extreme sports athletes and enthusiast while gaining the respect of the fashion industry. Focusing on comfort and style, fabric selection and premium garments are set out through the

FrithCo. apparel brand. The company will retail through an online store. You can get your FrithCo. apparel at frithcoshop.com

 “Good Quality Comfort with a Splash of Style” –Zach Lurie, Owner and CEO.

The company lives and strives by their motto … “Respect yourself to express yourself” –FrithCo.

January 4th, 2013 is the date kicking off the company with a Launch party the night before Anaheim 1 Supercross.

The party will take place at OC Sport Grill Located at 450 North State College Boulevard,  Orange, CA 92868, across from Anaheim Stadium.  Doors open at 8 p.m. and will be shut down at 1:30 a.m.

This event is open to the public, 18 to party and 21 to drink.

 A live DJ will be on hand. In addition, a video release will be taking place during the party revealing the 2013 “FC Athletes”.  The festivities will be a more than enough to create a fun filled evening for all.

Start the Supercross Season off right by being part of this Once in a Lifetime Launch Party Event to Welcome FrithCo. to the industry.